Julia Holter – I Would Rather See chords

Am Bm Am Bm
Am Bm Am Bm

Am BmI and her face
Am Bm Am BmBrighter than chariots
Am BmOr foot soldiers
Am BmTorn iron under the bridges
Am BmHer chariots
[Interlude] Am Bm Am Bm [Chorus]
AmShouting lydians and
G F ERanks of foot soldiers
Am G F EImpossible misstep
Am G FUnexpected licking struck her eyes
ERather bold
Am GHer step motion on
F EHer step motion on
[Interlude] Am Bm Am Bm [Verse]
Am BmFast fast fast chariots and
Am BmWounded foot soldiers
Am BmRush in but not to
Am BmBe too forward
Am G F EAnd to shuffle the light
Am G F ETo offend her chariots
Am G F ELyrdians sadly outstretched
Am GFirm ranks in place
F EDesigned as a possible way into
Am Bm Am BmUnexpected fantasies
Am BmWe'd rather watch her step
Am BmWe'd rather watch her step
Am BmToward motion on
Am BmMotion on
Am Bm Am BmChariots off of solid ground
Am BmStop slowly on
Am BmStop
Am Bm Am BmStop slowly on
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