Julian Cope – Madmax tab

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From: TAIBI@ferrara.infn.it
Date:    Wed, 6 Sep 1995 16:15:39 +0300 (CET-DST)
Subject: "madmax" by Julian Cope

# The chords with "height" only mean you should play in high tone.
# 	Angelo Taibi		taibi@ferrara.infn.it
{title: MadMax}
{subtitle: Julian Cope}
{define:A' base-fret 5 frets 1 3 3 2 1 1}
{define:G' base-fret 3 frets 1 3 3 2 1 1}

I don't me[D]an to hold a g[A]un up to your h[D]ead [Dsus] [D]
I'll be fi[A']ne once you are go[G']ne, of that I'm su[D]re [Dsus] [D]
Another time and I'd be s[A]miling in your ey[D]es
For the [A']sake of all our lo[G']ve and that I k[D]now

But the [Bm]rising of the moon means the [F#m]ending of the day
[G']Time waits for no-one just [E]takes you aw[A]ay
I don't me[D]an to hold a [A]gun up to your h[G]ead
It's just the [C]antici[G]pation I can'[D]t stand.

Well, I feel [D]sure that the g[A]enius who did [D]this [Dsus] [D]
Didn't [A']even feel a t[G']hud as he drove [D]by [Dsus] [D]
Now I know this day must [A]end with me alo[D]ne, dear
And I see m[A']ore than only da[G']rk on my horiz[D]on.

Tre[Bm]ason and infamy [F#m]enter my life
Te[G']ars out the spark that illu[E]mines the S[A]un
[D]Down comes this u[A]niverse  [C]tumbling [G]down
[C]Everything [G]is come un[D]done (twice)

{comment:instrumental verse}

[Bm]Cut like a knife in the [F#m]soil with a spade
[G']Merge with the one light pos[E]sessing the ot[A]her
[D]Scream, "Holly [A]Murder, he's [C]done us to[G]night."
[C]Come, little [G]sister, be[C]hold the [G]Mother,
[C]Come, little [G]sister, be[C]hold ye the [D]Mother.
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