Julian Plenti - Cellophane chords

Cmajadd somethinge|----3----|B|----1----|G|----0----|D|----2----|A|----3----|E|----x----|
Aminor add somethinge|----3----|B|----1----|G|----0----|D|----2----|A|----2----|E|----x----|
Eminor add somethinge|----0----|B|----1----|G|----0----|D|----2----|A|----2----|E|----0----|
C CaddJust because opinion is fachist
Am AmaddDoesn't mean you don't hold on to your beliefs
C CaddSeven cents a million is magic
AmConquering my feelings don't just conduct
FThey ache in me
Am Fand the drain me like a vampire
AmThey threaten me
FAnd they stop up all my outlets
It's like there's cellophane
Emadd AmBetween me and the outside
CAnd I don't think I'm staying fresh
That's basically it! Hope it helped! Sorry I don't know the chord names for some of them just use your pinky. Listen to the song to completely get the timing right.
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