Julie Delpy - A Waltz For A Night tab

"A Waltz For A Night"
By Julie Delpy
From "Before Sunset" (2004)

This is a beautiful and simple little piece from one of my favorite movies. 
I tabbed it so my friend could play it while learning how to play guitar.

So the main parts of the song are called "Intro/Verse" and "Bridge 1". 
I only diagrammed them once, then throughout the song, 
I indicated when to play them over the corresponding lyrics.
There is only one major variation (besides some rhythmic changes) 
called "Bridge 2/Change", it is diagrammed in the middle of the song for you. 

Good Luck!

Tabbed/Arranged By Blaine Dunkley (Original Tab Credits to heymaria)

Let me sing you a waltz Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts Let me sing you a waltz About this one night stand
(Bridge 1)E|-----5-|-----4-|-----3-|-----2-|B|-----5-|-----5-|-----5-|-----3-|G|-----5-|-----5-|-----5-|-----2-|D|-------|-------|-------|-------|A|-------|-------|-------|-0-----|E|-5-----|-4-----|-3-----|-------|
You were for me that night (Intro/Verse) Everything I always dreamt of in life But now you're gone You are far gone All the way to your island of rain (Bridge 1) It was for you just a one night thing (Intro/Verse) But you were much more to me Just so you know I don't care what they say I know what you meant for me that day
(Bridge 2/Change)E|-----5-|-----4-|-----3-|-----4-|B|-----5-|-----5-|-----5-|-----5-|G|-----5-|-----5-|-----5-|-----5-|D|-------|-------|-------|-------|A|-------|-------|-------|-------|E|-5-----|-4-----|-3-----|-4-----|
I just wanted another try (Bridge 1) I just wanted another night (Intro/Verse) Even if it doesn't seem quite right You meant for me much more Than anyone I've met before (Bridge 1) One single night with you little Jesse (Intro/Verse) Is worth a thousand with anybody I have no bitterness, my sweet I'll never forget this one night thing (Bridge 1) Even tomorrow, in other arms (Intro/Verse) My heart will stay yours until I die Let me sing you a waltz Out of nowhere, out of my blues Let me sing you a waltz About this lovely one night stand
(Outro Arpeggio)E|-3-----|-2-----|-0-----|-2-----|B|---0---|---0---|---0---|---0---|G|-----0-|-----0-|-----0-|-----0-|D|-------|-------|-------|-------|A|-------|-------|-------|-------|E|-3-----|-2-----|-0-----|-2-----|Repeat x1
Then End On G:E|-3-----|B|-0-----|G|-0-----|D|-0-----|A|-------|E|-3-----|
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