Julie Roberts – All I Want Is You chords

(Actual song half step lower)

C Am C Am What I need is medication in the form of a vacation
F G C What I need is skies of blue
C Am C Am What I need is a perspective, one thats healthy but objective
F G CWhat I need is point of view
F G CWhat I want is you
F C G Am Everyone says move on, that is what you would want
F C G Good advice, they are right, thats what I need to do
F G C But what I want, all I want is you
What I need is bread and water and a father for our daughter What I need is someone new What I want is you Chorus Inst. C F C F What I need is loss of memory to forget when you were with me What I need is to admit we're through
F G F G F G CWhat I want, what I need, oh what I want is you
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