Junkhouse – Shine tab

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From: longladm@sympatico.ca

Title:         Shine
Group:        Junkhouse
Transcrition: Marty Longlade

Tune E stings down to D (ie DADGBD)(can do the sixth only still sounds OK)

ChordsGsus- 550030 (if leaving first string at E add 3rd fret 1st string)Em- 222000D-000230A-002220
Catchy Bass Run (fill after word "shine" in chorus and whereever else it strikes you) A....A--------------------0-|D-0^1^0--0^1^0-2-4-5---|
Intro A Gsus D Verse 1 A Live around the hydro wires Gsus D Listening to them singing in the park A Winding the clock tired and raw ???? (can't make this out) Gsus D Radio's a glowin in the dark Em A Mother's lie down in the daytime Em A Dream about hollywood Em A Gsus I know that they'd get there if they could Chorus A Gsus D It's just a matter of time before we get to shine A Gsus D It's not a question of when or who does the crime Verse 2 Show us skin in picture windows Sittin cross legged on the floor Livin rooms electric TV's Light bulbs, irons, cancer to the core Out in the backyards waiting For women in flying saucers Under the stars of power lines Chorus 2X Gsus A Gsus D Gsus Before we get to shine ......shine Harmonica solo A Gsus D Em A The fans in the air conditioners Em A Runnin in movie houses Em A Gsus Our mothers are coming home again, home again Chorus 2X and fade
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