Juris Fernandez – Be My Number Two chords

ntro: Gm7-Eb-Gm7-Eb

Bb Eb FWon’t you be my number two
Bb Eb FMe and number one are through
Gm Bb FThere won’t be too much to do
Gm FJust smile when I feel blue
Bb Eb FAnd there’s not much left of me
Bb Eb FWhat you get is what you see
Gm Bb FIs it worth the energy
Gm FI leave it up to you
Gb Db Eb DbAnd If you got something to say to me
Gb D Eb Db00Don’t try to play your funny games on me
Gb Db Eb DbI know that its really not fair of me
Gb FBut my heat’s seen too much action
Bb Eb FAnd every time I look at you
Bb Eb FYou’ll be who I want you to
Gm Bb FAnd I’ll do what I can do
Gm Ebm7To make a dream or two come true
If you’ll be y my
Bb If you’ll be my number two
(repeat refrain)
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