Juris Fernandez – Constantly chords

Intro: CM7-Bm5-Bb-Am7-G/Am

G G5I knew it was there
CM7Though I tried to hide it
FM7But the feeling just kept on shining through
G G5Haven't know you that long
CM7So I try to deny it
FM7But the feeling was much too much too strong
Em EbM7Could this be love
Am7Deep down inside
Bm7Tearing me apart
C9 D7susI feel it in my heart
CM7 Bm5Constantly, you're on my mind
F Am7Thinking about you all the time
CM7 Bm5I can't sleep no matter what I do
F Am7I just keep on thinking 'bout you
Verse 2:
G G5Why do I feel this way
CM7 When I know you have someone
FM7That you're seeing each and every day
G G5Should I play this game
CM7Of just being your friend
FM7When I know that's not where I want it to end
Refrain 2:
Em EbM7How could this be wrong
Am7When the feeling's so strong
Bm7 Tearing me apart
C9 D7susI feel it in my heart
Chorus (2x)
EbM7 GNo I don't want to start no trouble
Cm F GBetween you and I and your lover
EbM7 GBut I must tell you what I'm going through
Am7 Bm7 C9 D7susEvery time you walk by I see love in your eyes
(Adlib) (Chorus)
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