Juris Fernandez – Say You Love Me chords

Inro : DM7- C#m -Bm - E- A7

DM7 C#m Bm E A7Don't you know that I want to be more than just your friend
DM7 C#mHolding hands is fine
Bm E A7 But I've got better things on my mind
DM7 C#mYou know it could happen
Bm E A7If you'd only see me in a different light
DM7 C#m Baby when we finally get together
Bm E A7You will see that I was right
DM7 C#mSay you love me
Bm E A7You know that it could be nice
DM7 C#mIf you'd only say you love me
Bm E A7Don't treat me like I was ice
Dm7 C#mPlease live me
Bm E A7 I'll be yours and you'll be mine
DM7 C#mAnd if you'd only say you love me baby
Bm E A7 Things would really work out fine
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