Juris Fernandez – Miss You chords

Intro: A-E-F#m-D

Miss you...
A EEveryday and every night, this
F#m feeling I'd fight
D ATry as I might but I won't win,
EI surrender,
I'd die
F#m DYou are winning here alright
A EEvery morning when the sun
would shine
F#mOn me
D AI'd flash a smile but deep inside
EI feel so sad and lonely
F#m DI need you here and now
A EI miss you
F#mIt's crazy to pretend that
D AI don't think of you
E F#mThe more this feeling just
seems to grow
DAnd grow
A EI miss you
F#m DOn how much longer can I
Ahold on to
EMaybe you can come and tell
F#mme that you
DMiss me too
(Do intro chords) Miss you... (Do verse chords) All I want is this for love to last forever You walked away, never came back, oh I Tried to recover I can't bear it boy, alright When I hear a song that we had used to Share I'll try as I might to hide the tears, and When the pain is over I'll wish that you are near (Do intro chords) Miss you...
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