Justin Bieber – Medley chords

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Justin Bieber
Capo - 1st fret

Em AmOh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh
C GOh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh
EmI always knew you were the best
AmThe coolest girl I know
CSo prettier than all the rest
GThe star of my show
Em AmSo many times I wished you'd be the one for me
C GI never knew you'd get like this girl what you do to me
Em Am Youre who I'm thinking of,
CGirl you aint my runner up
GNo matter what you're always number one
EmMy prized possession
AmOne and only
CI adore ya
GGirl I want ya
Em Am C GThe one I can't live without that's you , that's you
EmYou're my Precious
AmLittle lady
C GThe one that makes me crazy
Em Am C GOf all the girls I've ever known its you, its you
Em Am C G CMy favorite, my favorite, my favorite, my favorite girl, my favorite girl
E, Asus2, E, Asus2
EHow many I told you’s and start overs
Asus2And shoulders have you cried on before
EHow many promises be honest girl
Asus2 (hold)How many tears you let hit the floor
EHow many bags you packed
Asus2Just to take ‘em back, tell me that
EHow many either or but no more
Asus2If you let me inside of your world
There’d be the one less lonely girl
EOhh No
Asus2 ESaw so many pretty faces before I saw you, you
Asus2Now all I see is you
EOhh No
Asus2don't need these other pretty faces
E (hold) Asus2‘cause when you're mine, in the world
Ethere's gonna be one less lonely girl
Asus2One less lonely girl
EOne less lonely girl
Asus2One less lonely girl
Ethere's gonna be one less lonely girl
Asus2I'm gonna put you first
EI'll show you what you're worth
Asus2If you let me inside your world
EThere’s gonna be one less lonely girl
G Cadd9 G Cadd9
GWhen I met you girl my heart went knock knock
Cadd9 Now them butterflies in my stomach wont stop stop
GAnd even though its a struggle love is all we got
Cadd9An we gon' keep keep climbin' till the mountain top
G Cadd9Your world is my world
GAnd my fight is your fight
Cadd9My breath is your breath
And your heart (and now I've got my)
GAnd girl you're my one love
My one heart
Cadd9My one life for sure
GLemme tell you one time
Cadd9I'ma tell you one time
Gand I'ma Be your one guy
youd be my number 1 girl
Cadd9always making time for you
Glet me tell you one time
Cadd9ima tell you one time
Am FMy friends say I'm a fool to think that you're the one for me
C EmI guess I'm just a sucker for love
Am F'cause honestly the truth is that you know I'm never leaving
C Emcause you're my angel sent from above
F CBaby, you could do no wrong
Am Emmy money is yours, give you a little more because I love you, love you
F Cwith me girl is where you belong
Am Emjust stay right here, I promise my dear I'll put nothing above you, 'bove you
Am FLove me, Love me. Say that you love me
C Emfool me, fool me, girl how you do me
Am FKiss me, Kiss me, say that you miss me
C Em Am-F-C-EmTell me what I wanna hear, tell me you love me
C AmOh Woah Oh Oh
FOh Woah Oh Oh
GOh Woah Oh Oh
CYou Know You Love me, I Know You Care
AmJust Shout Whenever And Ill Be There
FYou Want My Love, You Want My Heart
GAnd We Will Never Ever Ever Be Apart
CAre We An Item, Girl Quit Playing
AmWere Just Friends What Are We Saying
FSo Theres Another One Looks Right In My Eyes
GMy First Love Broke My Heart For the First Time
And I Was Like
CBaby Baby Baby Nooo
Am Like Baby Baby Baby Nooo
FMy Baby Baby Baby Nooo
GI Thought You'd Always Be Mine
D ASo its up to to you and its up to me
EThat we meet in our middle way
On our way back down to earth
D ADown to earth down to earth
E On our way back down to earth
GI'ma Tell You One Time
Cadd9I'ma Tell You One Time
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