Justin Bieber – Stuck In The Moment chords ver. 4

Justin Bieber
Stuck In The Moment
One Time
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: Eb

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Eb -   x68886
Bb -   x13331
Cm -   x35543
G# -   466544
Bb/D - x587xx
Gm -   355333

Eb Bb Cm Bb With you With you
Eb I wish we had another time
Bb Cm Bb I wish we had another place
Verse 1:
Eb BbNow Romeo & Juliet I bet
they never felt the way we felt
CmBonnie & Clyde
Never had to hide like
BbWe do We do
Eb You and i both
know it can't work
Bb It's all fun and games
til someone gets hurt
CmAnd i don't
BbI won't let that be you...
G#Now you don't wanna let go,
BbAnd I don't wanna let you know
CmThere might be something real
Gmbetween us two who knew?
Now we don't wanna fall but We're tripping in our hearts and it's reckless and clumsy
Bb/Dcause i know you can't
love me here Chorus 1:
Eb I wish we had another time
Bb/D I wish we had another place
Cm But everything we have
Bbis stuck in the moment
EbAnd there's nothing
Bb/Dmy heart can do (Can Do)
CmTo fight with time and space cause
BbI'm still stuck in the moment with you
Verse 2:
Eb See like Adam & Eve
BbTragedy was a destiny
CmLike Sunny & Cher
I don't care
BbI got you baby
EbSee we both
Fucking every
Bbinch of our fiber
cause in a way
CmIt's gonna end right but
BbWe are both too foolish to stop
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus 1) Bridge:
G# See like Just because this
Bb/Dcold cold world saying we can't be
CmBaby we both have
Gmthe right to decide we
And i ain't with it
G#And i don't wanna be so old and gray
BbAnd it isn't about these better days
Cm Bb/DBut convince just telling us to let go
So we'll never know Chorus 2:
Eb I wish we had another time
Bb/D I wish we had another place
Cm coz everything we did
BbBut everything we have
(hold) is stuck in the mo----ment (Repeat Chorus 1) Outro: Eb-Bb-Cm-Bb-
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