Moving Mountains tab with lyrics by Justin Hayward - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Justin Hayward – Moving Mountains tab

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                    Moving Mountains    (Justin Hayward)

     C  /  /  /  G  /  /  /

#    C  /  /  /  G  /  /  /

          C                          G
%    The cool of the evening, the strange unknown of the night
     The gift of tomorrow, the friends we've left far behind
     The wind on the water, seems to whisper soft in my ear

           C                          G
     The warmth of the morning, the graceful bird in its flight
     The ones we remember, their love will live in our minds
     The call of the ocean, across the waves I can hear

           Dm       Dm7/C          D            F               G
     Well don't be afraid of the world, let me take you by the hand
     Well, don't turn around don't look back, let me take you by the hand
     Don't be afraid of the world, let me take you by the hand

     We can move mountains                     (1) Go #

                 C               Fmaj7
     Cause the sands of time, are on our side

               C                    Fmaj7
     Put your hand in mine, let our fortunes ride

            C              Fmaj7
     We'll sail away, on a wave of love

              C                    Fmaj7
     Let the four winds blow, from heaven above            (1) Go %(3)

      C  /  /  /  Fmaj7  /  /  /
     [                            ]  Repeat and fade
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