Justin Moore – Point At You chords

Point at You - Justin Moore

GI've always been one of them boys
Cadd9Rollin' around in jacked up toys
G DMaking noise on small town Friday nights
G Red light running, good time chasing,
Cadd9Guess I've earned this reputation
G D GProbably never shake it but that's alright
CI've got a rough side, a wild side
GAt least a country mile wide
D GA fightin' side after a few
CIf they wanna see my sweet side
GMy soft side, my best side
D GI just point at you
Yea, point at you G, Cadd9, D, G
GGirl I ain't sure just what it is
Cadd9That's got me all tore up like this
G DYour kiss done melted down this heart of stone
GI still like to get a little crazy
Cadd9But something about your loving baby
G D GIt breaks me down and makes me wanna haul ass home
D GOh girl I wouldn't blame ya if you tried to change me
D GLord knows I'm hard to hold
D GBut I guess you kinda like all of my sides
G/B D GAnd I ain't letting you go
G/B D GCause my best side is holding me close
Point at you, yeah G, Cadd9, D, G CHORUS Oh babe my best side is you Girl I point at you
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