Justin Moore – Redneck Side tab

Intro :e------------------------------------|B--------2---------------------------|G-4-4-4--2---------------------------|D-2-2-2--2---------------------------| 2XA------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|verse 1
e------------------------------------|B--------2---------------------------|G-4-4-4--2---------------------------|D-2-2-2--2---------------------------| 4X - play before/after every line of the songA------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|
pre-chorus B But once i get a cold beer in my hand, F# there aint no hidin who i am! Chorus: B C Cause i cant hide my redneck side, B C its in my blood til the day i die, B C once i start havin a real good time Verse 2 same as verse 1 Chorus 2x and thats it. i'm 100% sure its all correct accept for the chorus. im bout 90% sure on that but it sounded right to me.
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