Justin Moore – Redneck Side chords

The other tab of this song wasn't no good so I figured Id take a stab.. not sure 
if its 100% but it's hell lot better than the other one!

(CAPO 2)
Standard Tuning

Intro / Verse:

e/----------------------------------------------------------------]b/----------------------------------------------------------------]g/-----4-4-4---------------------------------------4-4-4----------].d/-----4-4-4--2-2----------------------------------4-4-4--2-2-----]a/-----2-2-2--2-2----------------------------------2-2-2--2-2-----].E/------------0-0-----------------------------------------0-0-----] She takes me to a party...
B Em But once I get a cold beer in my hand
B Em There aint no mistaken who I am
F# BI cant hide my redneck side
F# BIts in my blood till the day I die
F# B EmWhen I start havin a real good time
F# B (Back to Intro Riff)Oh I cant hide my redneck side
EmI like guitars in my music
EmMuscle in my cars
BAnd I like girls that hang out at bars
EmNo one can change the way they are
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