Justin Nozuka – Save Him chords

Hello Guys .. I'm Mido , This is my first tab .. I hope it helps ..
It sounds perfect .. Just make sure you're on the standard tuning ! 

My advice: " While playing chords .. Use the pick and try not to play the (e) string "


e|---------x-------------------x---------|B|------6--x--5----5///3---3---x--1----2-|G|---------x-------------------x---------|D|---------x-------------------x---------|A|--5------x--3-----------1----x--0----0-|E|---------x-------------------x---------| yeaaaaahhh !!!
Dm She loves him more he loves her more
CSeems like they never let each other go
Bb Am7 ALaughing and kissing it's a match made in heaven
(Same Chords) Behind the rings on their fingers Imprints the ink deep in the inner they have stained their souls together now staying soul mates forever now Seems like they've made it to the other side where the grass is greener and the sky is always blue and it goes on forever and ever but there's only room for two
Dm C Bb Am7Deep at night,I'm awakened from my dreams
A Dm C Bb Am7 ANext door , yelling , cries , mercy , she's begging " please
Dm C BbDon't end my life you're all I need "
Am7 A Aand a " Darling , I would never leave , never leave "
A AAnd she prayed on her knees , she said
(chorus : 2 times )
Dm C Bb Am7Save him save him from the hand that he beats me on
Dm C Bb Asave him save him from the hand that he beats me on
and so on ....
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