Criminal tab with lyrics by Justin Nozuka - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Justin Nozuka – Criminal tab

I tabbed this to a video of him live on youtube where he played it 
with his guitar tuned a ½ step down. If you play it to the cd 
version it would just be standard tuning, but I like the live one.

C#/Dbm7       F#/Gbm7      B7       A7     G#/Ab7

Intro C#/Dbm7 F#/Gbm7 B7 C#/Dbm7 I threw a bottle in the air and it smashed into a A7 thousand pieces on the concrete street, B7 where the children play in bare feet
 (C#/Dbm7, F#Gbm7, B7) C#/Dbm7 We ran as fast as we could, cause I might have woke the neighborhood
 A7 Oh I don’t feel too good B7 no I don’t feel too good at all
 (C#/Dbm7, F#Gbm7, B7) A7 Cause when the sun comes up B7 and the children wake, get on the street A7 to play,
 ’ll be the one B7 to blame (Chorus) F#/Gbm7 C#/Dbm7 B7 A7 
I’m a criminal, I’m a criminal C#/Dbm7 
It didn’t last too long, no I passed out, woke up and the guilt was gone
 A7 Without a care I walk down the stairs, B7 into the kitchen eat my breakfast there
 (C#/Dbm7, F#Gbm7, B7) A7 Turn on the television screen 
Emergency B7 News Team A7 little girl crying on the street saying B7 “glass made my feet bleed" A7 Oh tell me what am I gonna do
 B7 I’m for sure done
 A7 What am I gonna do, B7 
I have no choice but to run (Chorus) F#/Gbm7 C#m7 B7 A7 (Bridge) G#/Ab7 
Change my A7 name and move to Mexico
 B7 Dye my hair red and get surgery on my A7 nose buy a small condo, B7 stay low in Mexico
 A7 Don’t it sound so sweet, B7 get a wife and raise a family A7 
Start my own limousine company B7 
Stay low in Mexico
 It never snows in Mexico (Chorus) F#/Gbm7 C#m7 B7 A7
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