Jackson Schou – Cousin chords

[Verse 1]
EI go outside to my pickup truck
B AI drive to my lady to pick her up
EShe's lookin' so fine today
EWe could drive all day, we could drive all night
B AAs long as I'm with her I'm alright
EI'm fine with whatever she say
[Pre-Chorus 1]
AAnd it gets dark, escapes the light
BAnd things start to feel a little more right
[Chorus 1]
E B AI can feel her hands upon my skin, the moonlight comes splashing in
EI turn to her face and see her blushin,
E B AAnd in that moment everything's fine, I'm so thankful for my life
EWhat more could I need than my cousin
[Verse 2]
EI don't understand all the hate
B AAfterall our last names are the same
EIf you've got judgement, just leave it be
EShe's the reason I'm alive
B AWhen I'm with her how I thrive
EI'll tell ya, she's the one for me
[Pre-Chorus 2]
AShe's creapin' into my thoughts
BAnd I'm starting to get lost
[Chorus 2]
E B AWe're headed to the family picnic, family's nothing if you're not in it
EI'm so happy to call you mine
E B AYou came the porch lookin' so good, I would marry you if I could
E E/D# C#mForever and ever, my bloodline
C#m A E C#mAnd you'll never know how much you mean
A E C#mYou and I, we're made of the same proteins
A E F#mAnd I pray you'll never go away
F#m BWhenever I miss you, I look in the mirror 'cause we look the same
[Solo] E B A E [Chorus 3]
E B AWhen I feel her hands upon my skin, I'll never forget that feelin'
EShe looks so fine everyday
E G#7I look her in the eyes and tell her I love her, she looks so much like my mother
C#m B F#I wish that I could turn her to my wife
ANever say goodbye
Am/F# EOohh ooh oooooh
[Outro] E B A Am/F# E
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