Jake Etheridge – The Persistence Of Memory chords



[Verse 1]
C#m AI remember driving, and the smell of rain
E BYour hand was out the window flying like a plane
C#m AI remember smiling and staring at your face
Like it could disappear if I blinked or looked away
AOld hickory in your sad dress
EWon't let me go just yet
[Verse 2]
C#m AWell I remember sitting on your folks' pull out couch
E BKept saying it was cold, I was staring at your mouth
C#m ABut the more I read by memory, the less I pay it mind
E AJust a story that we tell ourselves, almost a lullaby
ABut your eyes and the TV glow
EThey still won't let me go
A E B C#m AOh I know we had our reasons why
A E B E ABut I can not hold them in my mind
A E B C#m B AI know we had our reasons why, reasons why
BBut instead I...
[Verse 3]
C#m AI remember watching you across the room
E BYeah I knew all your friends but I did not know you
C#m AThen when you said your name, I almost felt sick
E BThe whole world spun around, I loved you so quick
AYou laughed and turned your head
EI can't get free of it
A E B C#m AOh I know we had our reasons why
A E B E AAnd I know we had some real bad times
A E B C#m B ABut I cannot hold them in my mind, in my mind
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