Jake Shears – Sad Song Backwards chords


[Verse 1]
EEvery god damn day since you left me
EHung me dry betrayed and you effed me
D A EI'm bereft depressed and so confused
EDidn't quiet understand what you wanted
EYou'd shoot down superman if you hunted
D A BNo one safe in sights you use
C#mWith red flags and shopping bags
F#You don't spare them horses
B G# C#mJust spare me all the grief and bitter rain
F#7Cuz I can't handle one more night
F#7You fill my heart with dynomite and
B7 BOnly one thing seems to keep me sane
[Chorus 1]
APlay a sad song backwards
EAnd I'll pretend that I've got you back
BMake believe that I'm not pacing up and down these halls
A B B7 B7Taking double fistfuls of prozac
E7 A A7Can't take a full step forward
EUntil I make 2 in reverse
B AI'm tired of living in this broke-down, busted, sad Joanna chours
E A ETake me back into the verse
[Verse 2]
EI can always try to give a little love
EGood man always die
That never get enough
D A EI say that's no business of mine!
ELord won't you come on down and try to carry me
EI may need dose of shock therapy
D A BHave I turned my blood into wine?
C#m F#On all the surfaces medicinal purposes
C#mIt's true
F#7That I swear I'd do anything
Including get up and sing
B BTo stop me now from thinking of you
[Chorus 2]
A7 A7Play a sad song backwards
E EAnd I'll imagine that you're not gone
B AAnd try to forget when I woke up at 11:10 this morning
BI was face down on the lawn
A A7I'll deny that I'm not binging
E EOn vodkas, red bull's and lucky strikes
Bm AUntil i glue back all the tiny little pieces scattered around of a heart
E A E CYou never broke
C E EI'll keep tryin to find my way (find my way)
D DIf you were years of heaven
C#m C#mThen this here's ground hog day
[Chorus 3]
BPlay a sad song backwards
F#I'll pretend I got you back
C#m BMake believe that I'm not contemplatin going to bed tonight
C# BOn the local railroad tracks
BHind-sight is 20/20
But I see so clearly
F#Love is blind
C#m BTell myself it's not a broken record skipping off the shelf
F# B F#And you're last thing on my mind
BPlay a sad song backwards
F# C#m BPlay a sad song backwards
F#m B F#Sad song backwards
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