Peteys Song chords with lyrics by Jarvis Cocker - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jarvis Cocker – Peteys Song chords

        [Verse 1]
D'Bout a handsome little fox
DLet me sing you folks a yarn
AHey, diddle-dee, duddle-da
DDoddle-do, doodle-dum
[Verse 2]
D'Twas a splendid little fella
DFull of wit and grace and charm
ASaaaaaay zippy-zee, zappy-za
DYappy-yo, goggle-gum
G7Well, like any little critter needing
DVittles for his little-uns
G7Well, he stole and he cheated
D A N.C.And he lied just to survive...
DWith a doodle-dum, diddle-da
DWith a doodle-dum, diddle-da
DWith a zippy-zo, zippy-zay
DWith a zippy-zo, zippy-zay
AOh, doo-dah, doo-dah, day!
[Verse 5]
DLet me take a little tick now
DTo color in the scene
D'Cross the valley lived 3 yokels
DName of Boggis, Bunce and Bean
G7Now these 3 crazy jackies
G7Had our hero on the run
DShot the tail off the cuss
DWith a fox-shooting gun
G7But that stylish little fox
G7Was clever as a whip
DDug as quick as a gopher
AThat was hyperack-a-tayve
*do cool hand/arm movements* [Verse 6]
DNow those 3 farmers sit
D'Twhere there's a hole 'twas once a hill
ASinging diddle-dee, duddle-da
DDoddle-do, doodle-dum
G7And as far as I can reckon
DThey're sitting up there still
A N.C.Singing zippy-zee, zappy-za, yoppy-yo...
N.C.*stop playing at the end of this*
N.C.[BEAN] What are you singing, Petey?
N.C.[PETEY] Just, just making it up as I went along, really.
N.C.[BEAN] That's just weak songwriting! You wrote a bad song, Petey!
*get cigarette flicked at you*
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