Jason Webley – Southern Cross chords


[Verse 1]
Bbm AbHey, do you know where you're going?
GbHave you noticed its snowing?
F FAlthough it is June?
[Verse 2]
Bbm AbThey said your weakness was showing
GbThat your rapture was growing
F FJust a little too soon
[Verse 3]
DbBut under these mountains
Abthe nights and the shadows grow long
BbmThe stars up above you feel wrong
Ab FThis is not your sky?
[Chorus 1]
Bbm F Fm DbPray
Bb Ab Bbmto a strange constellation
Cm Db GbThank God for your isolation
Ab Bbm FThis forever goodbye
[Verse 4]
Bbm AbDawn throws its light on the covers
GbIn this bed there's another
FAsleep at your side
[Verse 5]
Bbm AbGone, the embrace of a lover
GbAnd the fire you discovered
FAlready has died
[Chorus 2]
DbHer body recoils
Abas your hand goes to touch her again
BbmShe's a temple that won't let you in
Ab FAt her side you're alone
Bbm C Db Ab BbmOn her back is the same constellation
Cm Ab GbConfirming your alienation
Bbm F FNo, this flesh is not home
[Verse 6]
Bbm AbYou carry a vague conviction
GbThis life rose from an eviction
FOut of your homeland
[Verse 7]
Bbm AbTrue but it's also addiction
GbTo this soft crucifixion
F FUnder these foreign hands
[Chorus 3]
Fm DbAnd like all Christs before you
Abyou kneel down beneath the night sky
BbmTo look into your father's eyes
Ab F (soft)And only feel lost
Bbm C Db Ab BbmCru cified to a strange constellation
Cm Db GbA new king awaits coronation
C/D GbBut there will be no great revelation
GbYour journey is your destination
GbDiscomfort could be your salvation
Bbmunder the Southern Cross
Cm Db Ab Bbm Abm Fm Gb Ab Bbm (soft, plucked)
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