Jazz Standard – Blue Skies Are Round The Corner chords

[Verse 1]

G B7Blue skies are 'round the corner
E E7Walk 'round the corner with me
A7 Am7 D7Just 'round the corner you'll see
G Am7 D7Those blue skies
[Verse 2]
G B7Blue skies, there's nothing warmer
E E7Won't you feel happy to be
A7 Am7 D7Sharing the sunshine with me
G G7Under those blue skies
C CmTroubles may come, but troubles will go
G D7 GDon't you ever worry any more
C CmLook at those skies, they're not telling lies
G Am7 D7That's what they were put there for
[Verse 3]
G B7Blue skies are 'round the corner
E E7Everything's gonna be right
A7 Am7 D7 GNever a cloud in those bright blue skies
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