Drinking Again chords with lyrics by Jeff Beck - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jeff Beck – Drinking Again chords


A Amaj7 I'm drinkin' again
F#mThinkin' of when
AYou left me
Dmaj7 Bm7 D E7 EThat happened once so long ago
A Amaj7/G# F#mI've been havin' a few
A6/C# DAnd wishin' that you
Bm7 D EWere right here by my side
A Amaj7/G# F#mWell, I'm makin' the rounds
F#m AAnd settin' them up
D BmA total stranger to myself
D EI'm just makin' a fool of myself
A Amaj7/G# F#m I'm just hopin' that you'll come right back once, someday
A DBut I know, I know, I know
Bm D EThat there's no second time around Now, listen
[Solo] A Amaj7 F#m A Dmaj7 Bm7 D E7 [Bridge]
F#m Sure I know I can borrow a smoke
C#m Or sit here all night long and tell a joke
F#m B But after all is said and done, who's gonna laugh
D EWho's gonna laugh at a broken, a broken heart?
A Amaj7/G# F#m I've been drinkin' again
A6/C#And thinkin' of when
D Bm Of when you left me
D EAnd that weren't so long ago
A Amaj7/G# F#mI've been havin' a few you know that you know
A6/C#And wishin' that you
D Bm Were here right by my side
D EHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Now listen one time
A Am6 I've been drinkin' again
A Am6 I've been drinkin' again
A A6/C# G ASometimes I can't help myself
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