Jeff Tweedy – Guaranteed chords

[Verse 1]
G AmWe've been through a lot, me and you
Bm* C/GHospitals and bars
GI know how it hurts
AmI'm a piece of work
Bm* C/GAnd you're no walk in the park
Em Bm* C/G C/GOh, that's a good place to start
Bm AmWhen things go wrong
D7 C/GOur love gets stronger
G Am Bm* C/G [Verse 2]
G AmA normal heart is a shopping cart
Bm* C/GLeft by the side of the road
GMaybe I'm naive
AmIs it up to me
Bm* C/GWhether I'm alive or alone?
Em Bm* C/G C/GOh, I'd love to know
Bm AmHow things go wrong
D7 C/G G GLove gets stronger each day
Bm Am Bm AmThings go wrong
D7 C/G GAnd our love is stronger that way
Am Bm* C/G G Am Bm* C/G [Chorus]
Bm AmTragedy
D7 C/Gis guaranteed
G G [Verse 3]
Bm AmThings go wrong
Bm AmWe think we can't go on
D7 C/G GNothing can break you and me
Am Bm* [Verse 4]
C/G G AmOh, oh, oh
D7 C/GI'm lucky I'm not alone
Em Bm* C/GOh, I don't need to know
Bm AmWhy things go wrong
D7 C/G G GOur love gets stronger that way
D7 C/G GDon't let your pain go to waste
Bm*: -2400-
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