Jenn Johnson – Here I Bow chords

[Verse 1]
G D/FWhere would I run, But to the throne of mercy
G D/F#Where would I kneel, but at this cross of grace
G D/F#How great the love, how strong the hand that holds us
Em ABeautiful, so beautiful
G A BmSo here I bow to lift You high
G A Dsus4 DJesus be glori-fied
G A BIn all things, for all my life
G A DI am Yours, forever Yours
[Verse 2]
G D/F#There is a King who bore the scars of healing
G D/F#There is a Son who came in grace and truth
G D/F#How great the love that carries us to kindness
Em AWonderful, You’re wonderful
G A Dsus4 GGod here and now, be lifted high
G A Dsus4 DRight here and now, be glori-fied
G AGod of Heaven and Earth
BmGod who brought me back to life
G A DI am Yours, forever Yours
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