Jeremy Abbott – Hey Melissa chords


[Verse 1]
EHey Melissa I don't want to kiss you
A EI just want to read my lines
Eyour hands were tied up but your eyes would light up
A Eeverytime that I pulled away
[Chorus] F#m F#m E F#m F#m E [Verse 2]
EHey Melissa I can't say I miss you
A EAll our good times I wished away
EA simple set up but a crazy get up
A EWished I never kissed your face.
F#M F#m E You know I never wanted to stay
F#m F#m E I just need to quit this play
A BHey Melissa are you hearing me
C#m BJune 2nd are you getting married?
A B EHey Melissa, Hey Melissa, sleep.
[Chorus] E A E E A E
F#m F#m E No I never wanted to change
F#m F#m E Never asked to feel this way.
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