Jericho McLean – Tears chords

[Verse 1]
Aadd9 Gadd9I cry, for all of those who died
Gadd9 Aadd9Not for the colour of their skin
Aadd9 Gadd9Not for perception of their sin
Gadd9 DNot for a war they’re fighting in
D Cadd9Just for the place where they had been
D Cadd9 D F D Cadd9 D F [Verse 2]
Aadd9 Gadd9I cry, because no one tells me why
Gadd9 Aadd9Cry for the fanning of the flames
Aadd9 Gadd9Cry for the passing of the blame
Gadd9 DCry for the policies of shame
D Cadd9And circumstances unexplained
D Cadd9 D F [Verse 3]
Aadd9 Gadd9Ask why, ask why so many people lie
Gadd9 Aadd9Why they distort what’s happening
Aadd9 Gadd9Why they must cover up the scene
Gadd9 DAnd hide the truth of what has been
D Cadd9When what was real is just obscene
D Cadd9 D F D Cadd9 D F [Verse 4]
Aadd9 Gadd9I cry, because I know eye for an eye
Gadd9 Aadd9Will make it worse, exacerbate
Aadd9 Gadd9Mistrust, suspicion and more hate
Gadd9 DI have to watch it escalate
D Cadd9Into a cataclysmic state
D Cadd9 D F D Cadd9 D F [Verse 5]
Aadd9 Gadd9I cry, I cry for those who’ve yet to die
Gadd9 Aadd9I cry because it’s not the end
Aadd9 Gadd9Some wounds may never get to mend
Gadd9 D‘Cause no-one knows how to defend
D Cadd9Against imaginary friends
D Cadd9 D F D Cadd9 D F
AI cry
Chord notes - not the standard chord shapes in pop-up boxes but as shown below: Aadd9 is Fmaj7 shape slid up four frets and pinky added on 7th fret of high E string (756700) Gadd9 is exactly the same, but two frets lower (534500) F is D shape on 5th fret Cadd9 is a single finger chord (1st fret on B string) using only top 4 strings (0100XX) A at the end is Fmaj7 shape on 5th fret (ie the Aadd9 but with high E played open)
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