Jerry Vale – I Love New England chords


A Cdim7 G Bbdim7 Am7 Am7 D7-9

[verse 1]
G G6 Gmaj7I love New England
Gmaj7 G6 C Cmaj7 C6White mountains and green hills
C6 F7The call of Whip-poor-wills
Cm6 Am7 D7Heard in the evening still.
[verse 2]
G G6 Gmaj7I love New England
G6 C Cmaj7 C6The sea and wind swept shores
C6 F7 Cm6And tales of days of yore,
D7 GTold in the country store...
G7 C C7-5 Gmaj7 G6I love the picture postcard villages
G6 C C7-5 Gmaj7With their houses trim and neat.
Em Em(maj7) Eb7+9And the orchards in the summertime,
Am7 D7-9Where the past and present meet.
G G6 Gmaj7I love New England
G6 C Cmaj7 C6And when my roaming´s through,
C6 F7 Cm6No other place will do
Cm6 D7 G Cm6 Gmaj9I´m coming back to You.
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