Jesse Rutherford – Drama chords

[SBORT Intro] 
Em/D Em7

Ooo-ahh, hey, hey-ahh, hey

Am Em *And you can put me down but you gotta pick me up, mhm
Am Em *Yeah, and you can poke fun but I might not like it much, no
Am EmPull on my strings, whatever brings you joy, mhm
Am Em7 B EmAnd we can play around but I'm gonna get serious
[Verse 1] Start with Mezzo Piano but emphasize some strums (pic lower notes then higher)
CSooner or later
Em Em7I'm gonna get anxious again
CAnd I tried to fake it
Am Em Em7But I'm not the greatest at that, no
CI'll get creative
Am Em Em7And come up with ways to be happy (smiling)
CAnd you could keep praying
Am Em Strum onceBut nobody's safe from the end
G (dont play high E string) strum once Not you, not me, not anyone [Bridge] Em/D Em7 Bey! Shoot ya gun at the sun, hit and run now (right now) Yeah, you should ruin the fun for everyone, just kill us all now Ooo-ahh, hey, hey-ahh [Verse 2]
CAnd once in a while
Am Em G (Top notes only)You might see me smile and laugh (ha, ha, ha)
CBut I'm in denial
Am EmOr probably just high off my ass
CI'll get creative
Em7 B EmAnd come up with ways to ignore it, mhm
CAnd you could keep praying
Am G (Top notes only) But nobody's safe from the end [Outro] Em/D Em7 Ooo-ahh, hey, hey-ahh
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