Loser Geek Whatever chords with lyrics by Joe Iconis - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joe Iconis – Loser Geek Whatever chords

F I already know what it's like to…
FBe the loser
F I should find out what it's like to…
FNot be the loser…
FOr the geek…
FOr the... whatever?
A# CThink I've felt inconsequential
Dm C Since Middle School began
A# CI knew I had no potential
A Dm To be the leading man
A# C But based on how today's going
Dm C I'm finally gaining ground
A# CI even got some blood flowing
C# Dm With no computer screen aroun
Gm Which was cool
A#But what really felt good
Gm Was doing something that
A# CI never thought that I could
FIt's not only school that's rough
CmBein' lonely's stupid tough
A# GmAnd now I think I've had enough
D#Of being the loser, the geek or whatever
FMichael thinks that weird is rad
CmBut feelin' weird just makes me sad
A# AAnd I deserve to not feel bad
Dm D#From being the loser, the geek or whatever
A#Sick of being the Loser, the Geek or whatever, Yeah!
FWhoah! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!
D#Whoah! Uh-huh, uh-huh!
A# C Dad taught me, "Follow your instincts!"
Dm"Trust your inner voice!"
C "Listen to your heart" and such
A# CMy whole life I've followed my instincts
A DmWell guess what? My instincts suck SO much!
C DSo now I'm takin' direction
Em DFrom another voice
C DIf my instincts have an objection
B EmThen that means I'm makin' the right choice
GBehaving this way feels bizarre
DmBut if things keep up the way they are
C AmThen soon enough, I'll get real far
FFrom being the loser, the geek or whatever
GIf Brooke can look me in the eye
DmLike I'm some normal, handsome guy
C BI owe it to myself to try!
Em FNot being the loser, the geek or whatever
CSick of being the Loser, the Geek or whatever, Yeah!
GWhoah! Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!
FWhoah! Uh-huh, uh-huh!
GPrompt me, command me and I'll obey
FI have the bandwidth to do as you say
D#Especially now since I clearly see
B5 (M)The problem has always been me!
D#mTake a breath and get prepared
A#mBut still I'm just a little scared
G# FmFor who gets cut and who gets spared
C#When I'm the cool dude,
the hero, or... whatever...
D#If Christine likes me in the end
A#mWill I be able to pretend
G#5 (R)I didn't fail my one real friend?
G# A#But that's the shit I normally would think
B C#Get over it, get priorities in sync
A# CmJust mute the voice inside your head
C# D#And connect to another source instead!
FMI've earned the right to selfishly
F CMBe all for one and one for me
C A# GmI've wasted all eternity
D# FJust being the loser, the geek or whatever
GI'm steady as the game's begun
DmI'm ready set, I'm player one!
C BThe future's now, I'm freakin' done!
E C FWith being the weirdo, the wuss, the underdog
Em FBeing the misfit, the old-school analogue
C DBeing the odd-ball, the weakling freak
Em FThe failure, the sucker, the "please don't speak!"
C DOh, I can hardly wait for the moment when
A#I'm not the loser, the geek or whatever
FOh, I'm not the loser, the geek, no never
A CNo! I'm not the loser, the geek or whatever,
G Dm C Am F GAgain...!
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