Blues Of The Month Club chords with lyrics by Joe Louis Walker - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joe Louis Walker – Blues Of The Month Club chords


Am D C

e|-----5------5---------------5------5-----------]B|--------5-8--------------------5-8-------------]G|--------------7-5--------------------7-5-------]D|--s7---------------7-5--s7----------------7-5--] RepeatA|-----------------------------------------------]E|-----------------------------------------------]
AIt's the first of the Month,
D CIts about that time,
AI Step out to the Mailbox,
D CKnowing what I will find.
AOh, Theres a note from the landlord,
C DSaying I'm overdue.
AAnd a Bill from the Doctor,
C DBut i still got the Flu.
A C DOh theres a always Electric, Water and Gas.
A C DI can tell that my paycheck, it just aint gonna last.
COne thing I'm sure of,
DMy dues are paid up.
CI'm a member in good standing,
DOf the Blues of the Month club
[Interlude] [Verse]
AI got a letter this morning,
D CFrom my first ex-wife.
ATheres not enough money,
D CTo get her out of my life.
CAnd the woman im loving,
DShe's a doin me a wrong.
COur June wedding,
DHas been postponed.
CThat's the same story,
DI heard in last May.
CI dont understand it,
DWhy she treats me this a way.
One thing… [Solo]
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