John Baumann – Midland chords

[Verse 1]
D GYou come from west Texas in a Mercedes-Benz
D GWith your Louis Vuitton, and your debutante friends
D GYour step-mom came with you to watch you unpack
D GShe'll go home in the gulf stream when it's time to go back
G D* GTo Midland
[Verse 2]
D GYour daddy, he's been working since the day he turned 18
D GWorkin' for his father, turnin' crude to gasoline
D GIn the great 1980's when the boom came to town
D GAnd all them big ole buildings, they just shot out of the ground
G D* GOut in Midland
[Solo] [Verse 3]
D GYou're down to three houses for Greek sisterhood
D GHow 'bout them Tri Deltas, we all knew you would
D GYou're all set to major in the fashion merchandise
D GBut you'll drop it in the spring for a boy from Alamo Heights
D GOf course he'll be handsome, and he'll have a good last name
D GYa'll can sit in Jerry's box at the Cowboy football game
D GTake him home for Christmas, take him out to see the rigs
D GWhere the roughnecks run the auger, and dance the black gold jig
G D* GOut in Midland
[Solo 2] [Verse 4]
D GSome years down the road with your scripture rehearsed
D GYou'll baptize that newborn baby at the Presbyterian church
D GHe'll be too young to know what is underneath that soil
D GBut you didn't either, so just anoint his head with oil
G D* GOut in Midland
G D* GOut in Midland
D* GMidland
D* GMidland
D*G x 2
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