John McCormack – Mary Of Argyle chords

[Verse 1]
G C D7 GI have heard the Mavis singing, his love song to the morn',
G C G D7 GI have seen the dewdrop clinging to the rose just newly born
Em B7 EmBut a sweeter song has cheered me at the evening's gentle close,
A7 D A A7 D D7and I've seen an eye still brighter than the dewdrop on the rose.
D7 G C Am D GTwas thy voice, my gentle Mary, and thine artless winning smile
G C G D7 Gthat has made this world an E.....den, Bonnie Mary of Argyle.
G D7 G [Verse 2]
G C D7 GThough thy voice may lose its sweetness,and thine eye its brightness too,
G C G D7 Gthough thy step may lack its fleetness, and thy hair it's sunny hue
Em B7 EmStill to me wilt thou be dearer than all the world shall own
A7 D A A7 D D7I have loved thee for thy beauty, but not for that alone
G C D GI have watched thy heart, dear Mary, and thy goodness was the wile,
G C G D7 Gthat has made thee mine fore....ver Bonnie Mary of Argyle.
G D7 G
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