Unquiet Grave chords with lyrics by John Smith - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

John Smith – Unquiet Grave chords

Em  C  D
Em  C  D
Em  C  D
Em  C  D

[Verse 1]
Am GThe wind doth blow,
C Dtoday my love.
Am G C/GA few small drops of rain.
Am GNever have had
C Dbut one true love;
Em C DIn cold clay she is laid.
[Instrumental] Em C D [Verse 2]
Am GI'll do as much
C Dfor my true love,
Am G CAs any young man may.
Am GI'll sit and mourn,
C Dall on her grave.
Em C DAt twelve months and a day.
Em C DThe twelve months and the day being gone.
Em C DA voice spoke from the deep:
Em CWho is it sits,
Dall on my grave.
Em C DAnd will not let me sleep.
Am G'Tis I, 'tis I,
C DThine own true love,
Am G C/GWho sits upon your grave.
Am GFor I crave one kiss
C Dfrom your sweet lips.
Em C DAnd that is all I seek.
[Instrumental] Em C D Em C D Em C D Em C D [Verse 3]
Am GYou crave one kiss
C Dfrom my clay cold lips.
Am G C/GBut my breath is earthy strong.
Am GHad you one kiss
C Dfrom my clay cold lips:
Em C DYour time would not be long.
Am GMy time be long,
C Dmy time be short:
Am G C/GTomorrow or today.
Am GMay God in heaven
C Dhave all my soul.
Em C DBut I'll kiss your lips of clay.
[Instrumental] Em C D Em C D Em C D Em C D [Verse 4]
Am G C DDown in yonder garden green.
Am G C/GWhere we used to walk.
Am GThe sweetest flower
C Dthat ever grew
Em C DIs withered to the stalk.
Am G C DThe stalk is withered dry my love.
Am G C/GSo will our hearts decay.
Am GMake yourself
C Dcontent my love.
Em C DTill death calls you away.
[Outro] Em C D Em C D
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