Johnny Goth – Soon To Be Yesterday chords

F Am Dm A# C F Am Dm A# C

Fim counting the lights
Am Dm A# Cin the sky that remind me of nothing at all
F Am Dmi wish i was alive for one more night
A# Cso i could see you one last time
F Amif i had another chance
Dm Ami'd do it all over again
A# Cwake me from the dead
Ffor one last night
Am Cso i can make it all right
A# Cpack a bag
Flets take a train down to the water
A# C Fand slowly drift away you and me
A# Cwe'll drink the poison
F Am A# A#mtry to ease the pain that lies inside until we die
[Interlude] F Am Dm A# C F Am Dm A# C [Verse]
Am A# Cthat look in your eye makes me not want to die
Am Cbut it's too late so i'll say to you
A# C Ftomorrow is soon to be yesterday
Dmand yesterday is over so nothing matters anyway
A#wish i could seize the day
Call the words i didn't say
F Amnow our time is over the end is getting closer
[Outro] A# A#m F
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