Jonas Alaska – I Cant See The Smoke From Here chords


[Verse 1]
Like i'm running from a lion
BFlying up a tree
AHalf the world is dying
BDrowning in the sea
EThere are soldiers in the streets now
BPeople picking fights
AEveryone's got problems
BAnd everyone's got right
C#m F#m BI wanna do something good
F#m A/G# AAnd care about the way things rolling
C#m F#m BI wanna do what i should
E ABut i don't know what to put my heart and soul in
D A7 ESo i give in to anything clear
G# A B E B7 ACause i can't see the smoke from here
[Verse 2]
EWhen life becomes a number
BHeartbreaking and cold
AFloating around like lumber
BYoung as well as old
EWashed up on the beaches
BFace down in the sand
AYou're out giving speeches
BWhile i play in a band
C#m F#m BAnd that is all that i do
F#m A/G# AMy hearts a messs and my mind is hazy
C#m F# BWish i was more like you
E AI'm selfish i'm bored and i'm lazy
D A7 EAnd i try to keep everything near
G# A B C#mCause i can't see the smoke from here
C#mWhat's that on the horizon
F#mThere beyond the fence
EAnother sun is rising
AShinig through the lense
C#mIs that a little baby
F#mOn her brother's dying back
EWell i'm not sure but
A B7Maybe this is not some hidden virus ridden devious attack
[Verse 3]
ENo more nice illusions
BNo more right or wrong
AThere are kids in institutions
BWhispering all night long
EWaiting for tomorrow
BHearing grown up's talk
ATremb'ling like a sparrow
BAnd searching like a hawk
C#m F#m BNow, people aren't good or bad
F#m A/G# ABut somebody will always be an idiot
C#m F#m BMaybe the world's going mad
E ASomeone might be trying to get rid of it
D A7 EWell i try not to think about fear
G#m A BCause i can't see the smoke
G#m A BI can't see the smoke
G#m A B C#mNow, i can't see the smoke from here
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