Jonathan Wilson – 49 Hairflips chords

F C Dm 
C Bb
F G7
Bb G 

[Verse 1]
FWe were burning we were looting
C DmWe were learning one or two things about life
C BbWe should fuck right in front of them
GJust to show them our light
[Verse 2]
FWe’ll be fucking we’ll be sucking
C DmWhile the rest of them were posting their lives
C BbThese kids will never rock again
G G7 A7 BbSign of the times
[Verse 3]
FYeah rimming and shooting
C DmI'm so destitute without your love
C BbWhen will I breathe deep again
GIs there laughter in sight?
[Verse 4]
FSpinning and hurting
C DmTheres no resolution tonight
C BbYou’re mother earth ecstasy
G G7 A7I call it divine
Bb G (2X) [Outro]
C BbForty-nine hairflips
C BbForty-nine hairflips
C Bb AmForty-nine hairflips on Dayquil
[Verse 5]
Bb F CI believe in you Yes i do
AmI believe in you
BbDo you believe in me ?
F C (2x)No we don’t believe in anything
[Solo] Bb F (2X) [Verse 6] Bb Bb7 Bb6
FI’m not leaving these walls
C DmWithout the prettiest song I can find
C BbI miss your laugh most of all
GI really miss it tonight
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