Joseph Larson – Til The Storm Passes By chords

Ab EbOut on the waters storms raging high
Fm DbThe waters around them were troubled that night
Bbm EbFear filled there heart they thought they would die
Bbm EbThey failed to remember that the master was nigh
Ab EbHe spoke the words and the winds all stood still
Fm DbEven the waters they obeyed His will
Bbm EbHe called their storms just like He will mine
Bbm EbI just remember he loves me deep inside
Ab EbSo why should I worry why should I fear
Fm DbWhen the very same Jesus He is always near
Bbm EbHe lives in my heart and He hears when I cry
Bbm Eb AbI'll call on His name when the storm passes by
Ab EbAnd when trials come and death seems so nigh
Fm DbIll call on the master I know He be there on time
Bbm EbAnd when sickness comes and my body is in pain
Bbm EbAll I have to do is call on His name
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