Josh Groban – If I Cant Love Her chords

Db Bbm Ab Gb

[Verse 1]
DbAnd in my twisted face
BbmThere's not the slightest trace
Ab GbOf anything that even hints of kindness
[Verse 2]
EAnd from my tortured shape
CNo comfort, no escape
Dbm GbmI see, but deep within is utter blindness
[Pre chorus]
Fm BHopeless
GbmAs my dream dies
EbmAs the time flies
Fm Ebm Gbm Gb AbLove a lost illusion
Fm BHelpless
EbmCold and driven
Fm Ebm Fm Gb AbTo this sad conclusion
Db Ebm Fm GbNo beauty could move me
Db Ebm Ab Db Db/CNo goodness improve me
Bbm Ebm Fm Gb Db AbNo power on earth, if I can't love her
Db Ebm Fm GbNo passion could reach me
Db Ebm Ab Db Db/CNo lesson could teach me
Bbm Ebm Fm Gbm Db Fm BHow I could have loved her and make her love me too
Gb Ab BbmIf I can't love her, then who?
[Verse 2] Bbm
Bbm Ab BbmLong ago I should have seen
Bbm Ab DbAll the things I could have been
Ebm Gb BbCareless and unthinking, I moved onward
[Instrumental Orchestra] Gm Db Ab Fm Gm Fm Gm Ab Bb [Chorus]
Eb Fm Gm AbNo pain could be deeper
Eb Fm Bb EbNo life could be cheaper
Cm Fm Gm Ab Eb BbNo point anymore, if I can't love her
Gb Abm Bbm BNo spirit could win me
Gb Abm Db GbNo hope left within me
Ebm Abm Bbm B Gb Bbm EHope I could have loved her and that she'd set me free
Gb BBut it's not to be
Gb BIf I can't love her
Gb Abm Bbm B GbLet the world be done with me.
Gb Abm Bbm B Gb [Outro] Gb Abm Bbm B Gb
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