Josh Ritter – The Torch Committee chords


[Verse 1]
EmGood evening, may we say again
GHow pleased we are that you've come in
AminThe day was long, your bed was soft
CStill there's some names we're crossing off
EmIt says here by your file you
GHave been so loyal, brave, and true
AminWe need not fret, you need not fear
CAnd so we come to why you're here
Em G C Amin [Verse 2]
EmThe torch committee now confirms
GThe truth of rumors lately heard
AminThat there come monsters in our midst
CWell-disguised and carefully hid
EmAnywhere and anyone
GThe root of every evil done
AminBut you will help us root them out
CThe torch committee has no doubt
Em G C Amin [Verse 3]
EmWe see your hands and legs are tied
GIn clearest breach of by-law five
AminAnd left here in this little room
CIn clearest breach of by-law two
EmAnd though you know that we take pains
GThe process of the law remains
AminAll technicalities aside
CYou'll see our hands are also tied
Em G C Amin [Verse 4]
EmFor us, the job brings only pain
GTo see you naked in these chains
AminTo see you naked where you stand
CWhere so many others have
EmImagine how it feels each day
GTo send so many men a way
AminBut see we've got a job and we
CMust dot each "i" and cross each "t"
Em G C Amin [Verse 5]
EmSomething's horribly amiss
GHow else could you be on our list
AminStill we all know directive twelve
CAll those so named must prove themselves
EmTo hungry mob and angry crowd
GYoung men making families proud
AminBy means not meant for light of day
CWe wish there was a softer way
Em G C Amin [Verse 6]
EmWait, suppose that we untie
GYour hands to sign upon this line
AminTo pledge that you have always been
CA patriot and citizen
EmPlease ignore the legalese
GLawyers (am I right?) now see
AminWhy we're so happy that you came
CAppendix three and list of names
Em G C Amin [Verse 7]
EmPardon us but we can't help
GBut laugh, if you could see yourself
AminRelax, it's always strange to see
CThe names on each appendix three
EmBrothers, fathers, sons, and wives
GThe ones with whom you've shared your life
AminMothers, daughters, sisters, friends
CPatriots and citizens
[Verse 8]
EmChildren playing in the street
GStrangers whom you chance to meet
AminThe god to whom you chance to pray
CThe girl with whom you choose to stay
EmWe know the monsters, know their names
GBy which they go and which they've changed
AminAnd every whisper that we've heard
CWe've read their poison, every word
EmHow we wish that we could say
GThat each of them will walk away
AminBut sadly it's the awful truth
CIt's them or us, it's them or you
Em G C Amin Em G C Amin [Verse 9]
EmSo put your finger to the names
GThe only cure for fear is blame
AminIn doing so, you're doing good
CThere's many called who never would
EmWho stuck by what they thought was right
GWho disappeared by dark of night
AminWho disappeared into the breeze
CLeft no family left to grieve
Em G C Amin [Verse 10]
EmThere, now see, that wasn't bad
GAs you leave, you can be glad
AminThat you have done your little part
CTo fight the monsters in the dark
EmBut have a care, the night is cold
GTake a torch before you go
AminAnd we will keep you safe and warm
CThat's what the torch committee's for
[Outro] Em G C Amin Em G C Amin Em G C Amin Em G C Amin Em G Em C Em G C Amin Em G C Amin Em G C Amin Em G C Amin Em
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