Sungazing chords with lyrics by Joy Again - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joy Again – Sungazing chords

A BOutright unfair
G F#Do you still care
Bm Dm C#mSome people got it all wrong
Bm D C#m AAnd I just stayed too long
A BmStreet sign, gold night
G F#Smoke hangs in low light
Bm Dm C#mEverything stands still
Bm Dm C#mAnd you just need to feel, oooohhh
[Interlude] A Bm A Bm
A BmHeartless, hearts are
G F#Worthless if you think too hard
Bm Dm C#mThe crazy tricks your head can play
Bm Dm C#mOn you when you lose your way
A BmHeadlamps, searching
G F#For more earthlings
Bm Dm C#mDon't worry about something so small
Bm Dm C#mWhen you've known something worse for so long
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