Julie Byrne – I Live Now As A Singer chords


Eb  Cm   Ab   Eb


Eb Cm Ab EbThere ain’t no use fighting for me
Eb Cm Ab EbMy heart ain’t in the ring for you
Eb Cm Ab Eb [Verse]
Eb Cm Ab EbBlue palms glide in the light of a red moon
Eb Cm Ab EbThe Catalinas brought me to the West
Eb Cm Ab EbAnd yes I have broke down asking for forgiveness
Eb Cm Ab EbWhen I was nowhere close to forgiving myself
Eb Cm Ab Eb [Verse]
Eb Cm Ab EbAnd I have dragged my lives across the country
Eb Cm Ab EbAnd wondered if travel led me anywhere
Eb Cm Ab EbThere's a passion in me, just does not long for those things
Eb Cm Ab EbTell me how'd it feel for you to be here now
[Interlude] |Eb |Eb/F |Abmaj7 | | |Bb |Eb/G |Abmaj7 | | x2 [Verse]
Eb Cm Ab EbAt night beneath the universe you walk with me
Eb Cm Ab EbShall I be ever near the edge of your mystery
[Outro] Eb Cm Ab Eb (repeat to fade out)
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