Perfect chords with lyrics by Justin Carter - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Justin Carter – Perfect chords

| Em  G  | C     | (x2)

[Verse 1]
Em G CLord knows that I'm far from perfect
Em G CAnd when I believe in some things they're worth it
Em G CWhat do you do when you lose it all on your purpose
Em G CWhen the feeling voices you don't deserve this
[Verse 2]
Em G CI tried to be strong, hold on to little faith
Em G CBut every day seems more and more, I step away
Em G CAnd momma called again, "Son are you ok?"
Em G CI tell her that I'm fine, on the other end about to break
[Verse 3]
Em G CSince I lost everyone, I'll admit haven't been the same
Em G CI guess it's cause and effect yeah, from all the pain
Em G CAlone again tonight in a house that seems so cold
Em G CFamily pictures on the walls turn into ghosts
[Verse 4]
Em G CWell, I should get a damn bottle and drink it all down
Em G CCause I'm so goddamned lost right now - can't be found
Em GIt's clear no one really cares anyway
CPistol on the counter, I should put that thing away
Em G CI swear to God, the way I'm feeling right now. Cause I'd do it right now
[Interlude] | Em G | C | x3 [Verse 5]
Em G CLord knows tonight I'm hurtin'
Em G CWish I could take it all back yeah, she was worth it
Em G CI got a call from that lawyer said "Yeah, she served it."
Em G CHow can I tell you that I can't let you go?
Em G CBaby please come home, baby please come home.
Em G CPick up your phone, pick up your phone.
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