Kaizer Place – Not Fade Away chords

"Not Fade Away" by the band "Kaizer Place" from their debut album "Not Fade Away"

Debut album available on iTunes : 

Official website : http://www.kaizerplace.be

Intro : Am / F / C / E 

Verse 1 : Am / F / C / E I met a woman
Shining throught the frame Came like an angel When I was down She’s recognized by her work and her fame Why would she have to go why would she stay ?
Chorus : Am / C / DNot fade away
I gave you everything I can’t see your smile I don’t see you on your TV show (anymore) Verse 2 The choice between Pretender and screen It’s not easy but she had to do One kiss, one child With a no name guy When I sing this song I become so sad Chorus Bridge : Am / F / C / E Chorus Words & Music by Laurent Lallemand
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