Kalai – On My Mind tab

when I heard this song I had to tab it.  The other tab is pretty good but I thought I'd
get it a little closer.  I would use the other one for the rest of the song. This is far
from 100%. It works for the intro/verse. I use the clicks to fill in for some missing
notes but you dont need them.  He doesn't use them when he plays but I like the feel of

D A7 Bm G A7-A7sus2e |-------0h2-------------x--------x---2--------x---3-----------------|b |-------3-------------2-x---2h3--x--(2)-------x---3---------2--h3---|g |-----2--------2------0-x---0----x------------x--0----------0-------|d |----0--------0---------x--------x--4-----4---x----------(2)--------|a |-0h2---------------0---x-0------x-2----2-----x---------0-----------|E |-------------------x---x--------x------------x-3-------------------|
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