Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Son tab ver. 2

this is a great song.  i am a new guitarist, so some of the tabs posted here 
are tough for me.   so, ive decided to post some songs that i like which are 
easier to play, yet still accurate.  i've posted some songs that are just chords
but this time i am posting the tabs.  it sounds the same as in the song, but if
there are any corrections or questions, just email me at demingman2199@juno.com.

MAIN RIFFe-----------|-----------|-------------|------------|------------|b-----------|-----------|---0---0-----|------------|------------|g--------0--|-----------|-----7----0--|---------0--|----0-------|d-----0-----|-----0--7--|--------7----|-----0------|--7---7-0-7-|a---7---7---|---7--7----|-------------|---7---7----|-----------4|E-----------|-----------|-------------|------------|------------|
MAIN RIFF (2x) Em D C D once i rose above the noise and confusion Em D C D just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion Am G F F G Am G D i was soaring ever higher but i flew too high Em D C D though my eyes could see i still was a blind man Em D C D though my mind could think i still was a mad man Am G F F G Am G D i hear the voices when i'm dreaming, i can hear them say... CHORUS: Em G D C Em G D carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done Em G D C N.C lay your weary head to rest dont you cry no more MAIN RIFF (2x) Em D C D masquerdaing as a man with a reason Em D C D my charade is the event of the season Am G F F G Am G D and if i claim to be a wise man it surely means that i don't know Em D C D on a stormy sea of moving emotion Em D C D tossed about i'm like a ship on the ocean Am G F F G Am G D i set a course for winds of fortune, but i hear the voices say...... CHORUS MAIN RIFF (2x) Em G D Carry on, you will always remember Em G D Carry on, nothing equals the splendor Am F F G Am G D now your life's no longer empty, surely heaven waits for you Chorus minus last line LAST LINE: N.C. Bm7 dont you cry no more
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