Kansas - Reason To Be chords

              Reason To Be - Kansas/Kerry Livgren

D A G ASo long, someone is waiting,
G D Dsus2 D
Dsus4 DI've got places to go, I've got things to see.
D A G ANo more procrastinating,
G Dfor this is the moment, that was meant for me.
Bm F#mand I'm moving like a wave on the ocean,
Bm F#mdrifting to the opposite side.
Am CTraveling with no destination,
Djust riding the tide.
D A G APeople, they say that I'm foolish,
G D Dsus2 D
Dsus4 Dthey say that I'm living in a fantasy.
D A G AWell, I say: "Everything's easy,
G Dit's better than living in futility".
Bm F#mSo, I'm standing here in back of the curtain,
Bm F#mwaiting for the start of the show.
Am CActing like an actor is easy,
Dif you can let go.
D A G ASomeday, something will find you,
G D Dsus2 D
Dsus4 Da magical feeling you could not foresee.
D A G AA feeling so devastating,
G Dfrom that moment on your life's a comedy.
Bm F#mAnd suddenly you're light as a feather,
Bm F#myou're falling like a leaf from a tree.
Am CThe things you thought you needed are fading,
Dyour reason to be.
A GYour reason to be, your reason to be.
D A D Dsus2 GReason, reason to be
D A D Dsus2 GReason, reason to be
D A D Dsus2 GReason, reason to be
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