Kanye West – Stronger chords

This is an acoustic version of the song Stronger by Kanye.


Stronger - Kanye West

Chords used: Am C G (barre) F (barre) G (barre)

Capo 6

AmThat, that, that, that don't kill me
CCan only make me stronger
GI need you to hurry up now
F GCause I can't wait much longer
AmI know I got to be right now
CCause I can't get much wronger
GMan, I've been waiting all night now,
F GThat's how long I've been on ya
AmWork it harder make it better
CDo it faster makes us stronger
GMore than ever, hour after
F GOur work is never over
AmLet's play lost tonight
CYou can be my black Kate Moss tonight
GPlay secretary, I'm the boss tonight
FYou don't really care what they all say, right?
G AmAwesome, the Christian, the Christian Dior
CDamn they don't make 'em like this anymore
GI ask cause I'm not sure
F. GDoes anybody make real shit anymore?
AmBow in the presence of greatness,
CCause right now thou has forsaken us,
GYou should be honoured by my lateness,
FThat I'd even show up to this fake shit,
G. AmSo go ahead, go nuts, throw ape shit,
CAct line you can't tell I'm a bape, shit,
GAct like you can't tell who made this
F GNew gospel, homie take six, and take this, hater
[chorus] (Continue through out)
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